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Safety Stickers
Alert Others to Your Child's Allergies!
  • 2-3/4 inch sticker provides maximum visibility
  • Bright, eye-catching colors
  • Not food-specific; works well for all food allergies
  • Place directly on child's clothing or other items to alert others to the allergy
  • Safety Stickers are great for:
    • Family Gatherings
    • Church Events
    • Child Care
    • Birthday Parties
    • Picnics
    • Shopping Trips
    • Holiday Celebrations
  • Pack of 50 Stickers: $10.00
  • Pack of 100 Stickers: $18.00

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Carry your EpiPens® with confidence!
  • Keep your EpiPen® close while being active!:

    • Amazingly expandable!
    • Adjustable belt with a comfortable zipper pouch that easily expands to fit up to 2 EpiPens and more!
    • Not bulky, ...and very cool! Can be worn under a shirt or on the outside.
    • Kid size (fits 14" - 23" waist)
    • Adult size (fits 24" - 40" waist)
    • Pouch size is the same for both kids and adult sizes
    • Easy to clip on and off and zips open and closed
    • Available in several colors and designs
  • Kid Size Pink Plaid - $16.95
  • Kid Size Navy Blue - $16.95
  • Kid Size Black - $16.95
  • Kid Size Blue Camo - $16.95
  • Kid Size Pink Camo - $16.95
  • Kid Size Peace Signs - $16.95
  • Kid Size Skulls-$16.95
  • Adult Size Pink Plaid - $19.95
  • Adult Size Navy Blue- $19.95
  • Adult Size Black - $19.95
  • Adult Size Peace - $19.95


  • Adult Size Pink Ribbon- $19.95

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Car Seat Safety Pack


Our easy-to-use emergency information pack speaks for your child when you cannot.

  • Place life saving information on child seats for emergency personnel use.
  • Car Seat Safety Pack includes:
    • Emergency Information Card
    • Adhesive Plastic Sleeve
    • Window Cling
  • Buy 1 pack & Get 1 pack FREE!
$4.95 per Pack

Chalkboard Placemats
Write-on, wipe-off (and washable!)
  • These reusable placemats create a fun, clean, safe zone at restaurants, on airplanes, and more!
  • Roll 'em up and take 'em with you!
  • Available in blue or red.
  • Includes chalk and eraser that fit in the front pocket.


Select Border Color:
  • $9.95 per Placemat (including chalk & eraser)

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Please note: The Safety Sticker Store makes no guarantee for the safety or well being of any person(s) through the use of any of these products. The customer and/or user assumes all such responsibility.