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About Us and Our Safety Stickers

After we found out that our son has life threatening food allergies, we became very aware of how prevalent food is in the world around us. Where there are families and kids, there is food!

In order to help people recognize that foods are potentially dangerous to our son, we created the Safety Sticker. Whenever we are in a public place where food may be present, we place a sticker on him. Not only does it help to keep our child safe in his immediate surroundings, but it often gives us an opportunity to educate the people around us about life-threatening food allergies. Whether we are in Church or at a basketball game, our son wears a Safety Sticker.

We've also found our stickers very useful for labeling the food that is safe for him to eat at preschool. We purchase the food that goes into our son's preschool classroom. In order to help take pressure off his teachers, we mark each box with the Safety Sticker.. It's our seal of approval to let his teachers know that we've read the ingredients on that box and that the food is certified safe to be in the classroom.

We've had so many people ask us where they can get these stickers, that we decided to open up our Safety Sticker Store.

We hope that you'll find the Safety Sticker to be as helpful as we have!

Please feel free to contact us if you have comments or questions!


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